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Lisa Wilkinson, NP

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Nurse Practitioner

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The interplay between the human mind and body has always been an interest of mine. As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, I help my clients achieve optimum mental health, from children to adults. My focus is to provide medication management as well as laboratory testing to determine your baseline health. I have extensively studied the connection between physical health and mental health. I believe in the innate ability of the mind and body to heal.

My initial interview with a new client, whether for medication management or alternative treatments, encompasses a discussion of your history, physiology and lifestyle. I believe in a comprehensive approach to working with you and, with your permission, will collaborate with your family practice physicians, the school counselor, or other healthcare providers to enhance communication and positive outcomes for you. I sometimes use laboratory testing or other diagnostic techniques to determine the source of the symptoms you may be having. Together, you and I can formulate a plan to improve your mental health; which may include therapeutic lifestyle changes, supplements, and prescriptive medications.