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Lana Knisely, RDN, CSO

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Lana is a Registered Dietitian who earned dual degrees in Anthropology and Dietetics and completed her dietetic internship and graduate studies in San Francisco, California. Lana has advanced training in both clinical and integrative nutrition therapy and works with individuals to address a wide array of health concerns, from prevention to disease management. She specializes in the role of nutrition in mental health, particularly as it relates to the gut, addiction recovery, and disordered eating.

Lana is adept at meeting every individual where they’re at on their health journey and utilizes a holistic approach to assess nutritional status and formulate a customized nutritional care plan. This may entail assessment of lab work, medications, herbs and supplements, and taking a detailed medical history and dietary recall.

Lana’s hunger for knowledge and desire to address the nutritional needs of every individual motivates her to continually learn and work towards advanced practice certificates to provide the latest evidenced-based Medical Nutrition Therapy. She looks forward to collaborating with a wide array of healthcare providers to help individuals realize the healthiest versions of themselves possible. Lana finds it a great honor to join Emerald Integrative Health and serve our vibrant community here in Steamboat Springs.

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