Press Release 08/26/23: Minds in Motion is now Emerald Integrative Health.
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Lab Testing

The practitioners at Emerald Integrative Health often rely on lab tests to help confirm their diagnoses. The following tests are available to the patients of Emerald Integrative Health. Other specialty tests may be used at the patient’s request and the provider’s discretion.

  • Standard Blood Work (Quest Laboratories)
  • Adrenal / Cortisol Tests (DiagnosTechs)
  • Gastrointestinal Testing (Dotor’s Data, Genova)
  • Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing (Alletess)
  • Nutrient Analysis (Spectracell)
  • Mold Exposure testing (Alletess)
  • Environmental Pollutant Exposure Testing (US Biotek)
  • Hormone Testing (Precision Analytical)
  • Toxic Metals Testing (Doctor’s Data)