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Jane Berryhill, B.A., M.S

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About Sarah Jane Berryhill, M.S. Clinical Counseling, M.S. Behavioral Physiology

Jane began her career in Counseling after completing her B.A. degree in Educational Psychology in 1986, working with group homes, a domestic violence program along with shelter and middle school programs. She graduated with her Masters in Clinical Counseling with a minor in Biofeedback in 1990 from California State University, Hayward. She continued on to open up a biofeedback treatment unit in a hospital in Northern California which treated addictions, pain mgmt. and Employee Assistance Program clients. She received a second Master’s Degree in Behavioral Physiology in 2001 from a graduate program, Behavioral Physiology Institute (BPI), up on Bainbridge Island in WA State

She was introduced to Biofeedback in 1980 through two Psychiatrist colleagues in Seattle. Her curiosity about biofeedback training turned into a mission to help others. Biofeedback training provided a tool that helped people move forward from old patterns of creating disease through stress and trauma.

Jane and a partner released a software program in 2001 called Master-Quest, Pathways to Inward Journeys. This initiative through her second Masters program taught children, ages 4-12 how to relax. It was designed for use in clinics, hospitals, schools and homes.

She has authored four books, one being a workbook for publication called Forging the Flow, a Workbook for Moving Through Resistance to Your Core. She also presents and trains on this process.

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