Press Release 08/26/23: Minds in Motion is now Emerald Integrative Health.
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Dr. Phaedra Fegley MD

Board Certified Family Medicine since 2000
Functional Medicine Certification 2016

Dr. Phaedra Fegley is the acting functional medicine physician for Emerald Integrative Health. She plays a pivotal role in helping the team in uncovering and treating underlying health issues preventing a patient from healing. She works in conjunction with the patient and therapist to enhance the treatment process.

Dr. Fegley became a certified functional medicine provider to look deeper into health issues stemming from her own health concerns. She began her career as a board certified family medicine practitioner, providing services since 2000. She pursued her education in functional medicine to find a way to look deeper into the root cause of complex signs and symptoms. She believes, along with the Emerald Integrative Health team, that some mental health issues may have underlying physiological underpinnings, thus necessitating a need to resolve a patient’s physical symptoms to allow the body and mind to heal.

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