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Support and Services for COVID-19

Minds in Motion would like to offer the following services and resources for members of our community.

Practitioner Support Meditation Resources Antibody Testing Online Meditation Program Malas/Prayer Beads

Live Practitioner Support through Zoom: Mindfulness Skills Group

Living in the current unfamiliar reality and living in the uncertainty of what to expect in life can be frightening and unsettling. The impact and consequences of COVID-19 have shaken the foundation we used to rely upon for knowing what comes next and how to move forward. We may find we need each other more now than ever as we navigate moment to moment. With social distancing becoming our “new normal”, we may naturally feel like a fish out of water trying to breath. Where do we find our air? How do we breathe? Will we swim again?
As we seek to breathe again, Minds in Motion is offering three weekly support groups to support people on this journey. The groups meet using Zoom and are facilitated by licensed therapists. The goals of the group are to:

  • Provide and offer a safe, confidential, supportive structure to develop resiliency
  • Develop connection among participants, as we witness one another’s journey without judgment
  • Guide participants in creating self-care plans
  • Introduce mindfulness practices and dedicate time to using them within the group
  • Create a safe place to process feelings while learning and applying self-care plans
  • Offer resources beyond the group to further self-care and resiliency

A minimum of two participants are required to facilitate the group. Groups meet for an hour on the following days and times:
Monday’s at 1 pm with Denise Martinez, LPC, LAC
Tuesday’s at 9 am with Jenn Zuccone, LSW, CcHt
Thursday’s at 4:15 pm with Cristen Malia, MA, LPCC, E-RYT 500
Each group session is $20. Group therapy can bridge the gap to support those who need help but hesitate to reach out due to financial concerns. Additionally, group therapy can be an adjunct to any therapeutic support you are currently receiving. You can sign up for group therapy using this link.
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Meditation Resources Online and Free: Meditations by psychotherapist and Hypnotherapy practitioner, Jenn Zuccone, to support and guide you and loved ones through this time:

The Power and Love Within You Letting Go of Being the Perfect Mom Gentle Breeze Empowerment

Antibody Testing:

Antibody testing is not the same as the nasal pharyngeal swab testing that is in short supply, and nasal pharyngeal swabs remain the best choice for testing active infections. Antibody testing helps determine if you have already had exposure to COVID-19.
This test may be particularly helpful for those who have been sick in the last few months, were not able to access a test while sick, and would like to know if their illness may have been COVID-19.
Please only schedule an appointment for antibody testing if you have been symptom-free for at least 14 days.
We are using testing kits from VibrantAmerica, a lab we have worked with in the past. VibrantAmerica is working very closely with the FDA and awaiting approval for their COVID- 19 antibody test. Please learn more at We are pairing the lab with a medical consult to ensure responsible interpretation of test results.
How the test works:
Blood from samples are exposed to 4 viral antigens of COVID19, and the lab measures production of specific antibodies (IgA, IgM, and IgG). Presence of these antibodies may indicate past exposure to COVID-19.
Instructions on how to schedule
This test currently requires a serum sample (blood draw) and a dried blood spot (finger prick). At this time, testing must be done in-office. To schedule your blood draw, please click on the scheduling link below (IV services / Blood Draw > COVID blood draw). We will limit appointments to how many kits we have available, opening more appointments as we continue to receive testing kits. If no appointments are available, please check back in 24 hours. ALL SCHEDULING MUST BE DONE ONLINE. Please do not call to schedule your draw. We would like to keep our phone lines free for patients currently in care.
Once you’ve scheduled your blood draw, you must login to your Charm portal and sign the Minds in Motion COVID-19 antibody testing package consent form. We will not draw your blood until you have signed this form.
Your results should be available one week after your blood draw. At your draw, you will be scheduled for a video consult with a Minds in Motion doctor. You will receive your results during this consult. You will not have access to your results until your scheduled video consultation with a Minds in Motion doctor.
Please wear a face covering to your blood draw appointment, per Colorado state guidelines.
The cost of the COVID-19 antibody testing package is $299.
Please note, it is unknown how long antibodies to COVID-19 will remain present in the body after infection and if they confer long-term immunity to the infection. Antibody tests for COVID-19 are new to the market, and with that comes risk of inaccuracies. Information about what positive or negative test results mean may change.
Covid Consent Form Click Here To Schedule Your Blood Draw

Structured Online Meditation Program:

An online 30 day meditation program that helps guide you through starting or maintaining a practice to alleviate fear, find courage and address stressful situations happening right now. the program is 30 emails in 30 days and 2 videos per week with meditation instruction by Owner of Minds in Motion, Angela Melzer, LCSW, OT
A generous donation has allowed us to offer the $20.00 Structured Online Meditation Program at no cost.
Click Enroll Here below to get started today.
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Malas/Prayer Beads for Sale to Soothe the Nervous System and Emotions

Angela Melzer is making malas/prayer bead necklaces to provide comfort and care during this time. You can purchase them by contacting her directly. She has a small inventory and can make them custom for your emotional/spiritual needs and offers them on a sliding scale from just cost of materials up to the retail value depending on what the person thinks they can pay during this tough time.
Contact Angela