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Get Started – 30 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

A generous donation has allowed us to offer the $20.00 Structured Online Meditation Program at no cost. Join us for a 30 Day online meditation challenge that includes instructional videos, a weekly topic of meditation and daily emails to inspire, challenge and encourage your growing or new meditation practice! Angela Melzer, LCSW will facilitate the class bringing neuroscience, healthy psychology and mindfulness into your practice! Whether you are an experienced meditator, or have never meditated in your life, you will gain a significant amount of knowledge and support with this workshop. You can go through this workshop at your own pace, as the videos will be available to you indefinitely.

Each day you will have a meditation time challenge, and a supportive and inspiring email. Each week will host two videos, with instruction on actual meditation practice and how to make it more approachable for you.

This is an electronic product. Please submit your name and email address below to begin.

Submit your email address and name to begin the 30 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge.

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