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The Wonders of Ozone

Ozone for medical use has been around for many years. One specific technique is Prolozone. Prolozone is a wonderful modality to try to heal areas that hurt whether acute or chronic. It was developed by Dr. Frank Schallenberger starting in 1983 after learning about medical use of ozone in Germany. Since that time, the components of the procedure have been modified, but the initial premise is still the same:
How to increase oxygen usage in tissues to promote healing. Prolozone is a combination of nutritive components like B vitamins, marine plasma, homeopathic pain relievers, dextrose (sugar water), procaine and ozone. The term may sound familiar as it is an off shoot of Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a technique where specific injections are made in tissues (ligaments, tendons, and muscles) to promote healing of the damage. With the combination of ozone, there is a dramatic increase in benefit to healing.
Ozone stimulates growth factors, dissects along areas of inflammation, and increase oxygen utilization in tissue that may have a poor oxygen tension to begin with like cartilage, fascia, and ligaments. When tissue gets injured, the area can get stuck in a cycle of chronic pain and destruction due to oxygendeprivation.
Areas that can be treated include knee, hips, ankles, plantar fasciitis, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, low back, neck. Almost anything that hurts can be treated. It can take anywhere from 1-3 injections spaced two weeks apart. With the first injection, usually people will experience 50% improvement.
Advantages to Prolozone over Prolotherapy are less injections, quicker procedure, very little pain during and after procedure, less costly, can lead to regeneration of damaged cartilage.
Dr. Phaedra Fegley has done training with Dr. Schallenberger and is currently offering the procedure.
Individual injections cost $150 and with multiple injections prices are packaged.
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