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Surviving Cold and Flu Season Naturally

Cold and flu season is already here!  And being sick is the worst. This winter, consider a natural and proactive approach to preventing and treating cold and flu in your family.  It’s important to note, that not all immune supplements are backed by research. There are only a few remedies that have been proven by scientific studies to prevent viral acute upper respiratory tract infections (cold and flu) and to reduce the severity or duration of illness.  Here’s what we know:
Elderberry helps prevent colds and helps treats flu.  Take 1 teaspoon of black elderberry syrup every day of cold and flu season or at the first signs of upper respiratory tract infection.  Bonus -it’s delicious! I like the Gaia brand.
Probiotics help prevent colds and flu.  Several studies have shown that probiotics at a dosage of 1 billion CFUs per day help prevent cold and flu.  I like MegaSpore for adults and Genestra’s Fit For School for kids. 
Vitamin D helps prevent colds and flu.  Vitamin D deficiency, which is common, greatly increases your susceptibility to colds and flu.  This is a good reason to get your vitamin D levels checked.  
Echinacea helps prevent colds and helps treats flu.  This herbal favorite is effective! I like the HerbPharm tinctures.   
Pelargonium treats colds and flu ….really well.  The research for this herb is extensive and strong.  Extracts of Pelargonium, when taken at the first signs of an upper respiratory infection, reduces the severity and the duration of the illness.  


Naturopathic Picks:

For prevention of cold and flu: Immune Support Packets by Designs for Health.  They combine the above preventives with other known immune supportive vitamins and minerals.  One packet (8 pills) taken daily, should help you avoid the worst of it this winter.

To treat colds and flus: V Clear by Intergrative Therpeutics.  This Pelargonium extract is best to have on hand for any colds and flus that visit your house this winter.   You can also get an alcohol-free version for kid-sized colds.   

In health and hand-washing,

Dr. Grace Charles