Press Release 08/26/23: Minds in Motion is now Emerald Integrative Health.
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What is Functional Medicine?

When I began my journey in Functional Medicine in 2012, I was trying to find some answers for my own health. I wanted to understand what was happening in my own body that suffered from fatigue, eczema, asthma and acne. I began exploring the root cause of illness and looking at the body more as a whole organism and not always dividing the body into individual organs.
I completed an extensive certification program through the Institute for Functional Medicine which relies on an integrative evidence based approach.
I weave together the pieces of a person’s story to get a more complete picture: genetic (family history and genetic data if availalbe), epigenetics (lifestyle, environment, diet, stress, sleep, relationships), and past illnesses/surgeries and current symptoms.
It is nice to be able to take extra time to dig deeper into a person’s story to decode complex symptoms with the purpose to compliment traditional medicine. Areas of interest include but not exclusive: general wellness, digestion issues, autoimmune disease, lyme disease, mold illness, hormone replacement, detoxification of heavy metals and toxins.
I’m excited to be doing Functional Medicine consultations through Emerald Integrative Health on Mondays, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoons, and Thursdays starting August 21. Click here to schedule:
– Dr. Phaedra Fegley
Board Certified Family Medicine since 2000
Functional Medicine Certification 2016
Dr. Phaedra Fegley is the acting functional medicine/psychiatric physician for Minds in Motion. She plays a pivotal role in helping the team in uncovering and treating underlying health issues preventing a patient from healing. She works in conjunction with the patient and therapist to enhance the treatment process.