Press Release 08/26/23: Minds in Motion is now Emerald Integrative Health.
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Are you waking up more nights than not between 1-3am, head starts running about everything that needs to get done in the next day, what didn’t happen yesterday or all your general worries? Maybe you are able to fall back asleep or maybe you are up for an hour or more.
Maybe you actually feel like you get a good nights sleep but have a hard time getting up and getting going in the morning without that grande triple shot latte to jump start your day.
Maybe you have “slumps” in your day between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner where you just run out of steam, no energy.
Finally, after dinner may be the best time of your day, energy wise, and if you stay up past 10pm you seem to get a “second wind” and are able to get all kind of things done around the house, telling yourself “its because there are no distractions” and are able to stay up for several more hours without feeling tired.
Any of these things ring true for you? If so you may be experiencing a shift in the normal rhythm of your cortisol cycle. Yes, I said cortisol! Many people equate cortisol to the “fat hormone” and assume it is bad for us. Cortisol is actually a steroid hormone that benefits us in many ways. Did you know that we have a normal pattern of cortisol circulating through our body on a daily basis. It is the hormone of “alertness”. We want our cortisol to be highest in the morning so we can be alert and start our day. The normal pattern of circulating cortisol begins to drop as our day goes on with the lowest levels going into the evening. It is opposite of the hormone melatonin that rises in the evening to help us fall asleep. (don’t want the alertness hormone high at night). The cycle of cortisol release begins to climb again between 1-3 am so our cortisol level will be high again in the morning.
Why is this important to mental health and health in general?
Good question! Remember the questions above….if we have been under chronic stress, either real or perceived, the adrenal glands will begin to answer that stress response in the body by increasing the amount of circulating cortisol in the body. Now the body begins to stay in a state of “alertness” looking for the danger. Did you know that your body does not differentiate if your stress is real or just the worry thoughts in your head, the body will always try to come to your rescue by moving into the stress response.
If our body stays in the stress response for to long, like days, weeks or months, that nice normal pattern of cortisol release begins to change. Many times it shifts to being really low in the morning (hard to get up and get going) and begins to rise to quickly at night, hence that burst of evening energy or 1-3am awakenings.
The good news is that the body does not want to stay in a state of tension/stress. Its normal response is to come back to a resting state once a threat or perceived threat is gone. If any of these symptoms ring true for you, there are many ways we at minds in motion can assist in helping the body and mind find equilibrium again with a natural approach to balancing that system with supplements and education.
We offer an Adrenal Stress Test and can check your cortisol levels at 4 different times of the day. Utilizing the test results we can begin to formulate a plan to coax your adrenal system back into its normal rhythm. When the adrenal system is in a more relaxed state, your body and mind can feel more calm.

Introducing our new Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Grace Charles.
Dr. Grace Charles is a Naturopathic Doctor, providing individualized natural health care at Minds in Motion. Dr. Charles is not new to the Yampa valley, she has had a thriving private practice here in Steamboat for the past five years. She joined the team at Minds in Motion to further enhance patient care with the ability to work collaboratively with a team approach if necessary. Dr. Charles provides guidance to support the physical health of patients working to optimize their whole-body wellness. With training in both conventional medicine and holistic care, Dr. Charles is well suited to help patients determine which approach is most appropriate. She combines therapeutic diets, lifestyle changes and herbal medicine to treat the patient, not the disease.
Dr. Charles focuses on hormone systems, and is especially equipped to work with patients who have fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, blood sugar issues, and sex hormone imbalances (infertility, menopause, irregular or absent periods).
Dr. Charles is also a licensed acupuncturist. Her acupuncture treatments target stress and anxiety, which can be at the root of many health conditions.
Dr. Charles often works with patients who are overwhelmed with the natural health information they find online, who would prefer expert guidance to help them meet their health goals.
We at Minds in Motion are honored that Dr. Grace has joined our team, which further enhances our ability to provide a unique and truly integrated health experience.

Did you know you can now enjoy the benefits of the BioMat at Minds in Motion?
If you want to release stress by relaxing your muscles and enjoying soothing Far Infrared Ray heat and negative ions, simply lying on the BioMat promotes a feeling of well being for a healthier mind and body.
Because the BioMat’s far infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body and promotes our natural state of health and balance, it can be used to treat a wide range of health issues.
US FDA’s Medical Device 510K indications for use:

  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Temporary relief of:
    – Minor muscle pain
    – Minor joint pain and stiffness
    – Joint pain associated with arthritis
    – Muscle spasms
    – Minor sprains
    – Minor strains
    – Minor muscular back pain

Other benefits found from the BioMat:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Soothes and relaxes
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improved sleep (if associated with pain relief)
  • Reduced inflammation (where applied)
  • Promotes relaxation by application of heat
  • Promotes restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness
  • What are far infrared rays?

Far infrared rays are part of the electro-magnetic light spectrum and are close to the light frequency of natural sunlight. However, far infrared does not contain any of sunlight’s harmful UV/UVB radiation. The beneficial properties of far infrared light have received particular attention from the scientific community in recent years, although the first research conducted on this part of the light spectrum was undertaken by NASA decades ago. Today, health practitioners from a wide range of disciplines agree on the beneficial properties of far infrared technology.
What are negative ions?
An ion is a particle containing an electrical charge. An ion with a negative electrical charge is called a negative ion, and this type of ion is now considered to be integral to healthy cellular function.
Imagine being able to feel better while you relax in soothing heat. That’s the benefit of the amethyst BioMat technology: it’s effortless, easy to use, and feels great while it provides muscle relaxation and temporary relief of the aches pains, spasms sprains strains and stiffness.. Even a short time on the BioMat reduces stress, muscle tension and the aches and pains. Most BioMat users find that the time they spend on the BioMat is the best part of their day, and a great way to unwind.
You can experience the relaxing benefits for yourself by booking a half hour or one-hour session at