Press Release 08/26/23: Minds in Motion is now Emerald Integrative Health.
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The Minds in Motion team is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Phaedra Fegley to our practice to enhance the healing experience. Dr. Fegley will be working with the therapists at Minds in Motion as an adjunct to the healing process. Dr. Fegley is a board certified Family Practice Physician that is also certified in Functional Medicine. Our team has practiced and treated the body and mind as a whole system for the past several years. We recognize that the mind body connection is real. When we are faced with physical challenges/illnesses our emotional health can be affected. Consequently, when we are faced with emotional challenges our physiology can change, often resulting in illness. We believe, in many cases, we need to address the whole body and mind to move towards health and illicit lasting change. Functional medicine addresses the underlying issues that may be compromising mental health. Our goal at Minds in Motion is to find the most effective treatment, conventional or alternative, that addresses the symptoms of the individual patient. We strive to find the underlying causes, teach you to move through them and heal. Our goal is to empower you to know when things are moving towards misalignment in the future, thus enabling you to intervene with tools you have learned to stay present and healthy. Dr. Fegley will work with patients as a medical consultant using an in depth interview of 1/½ hours, functional medicine principles and lab testing to facilitate a patient’s path back to wholeness and health. Dr. Fegley is not considered your primary care physician and requires that you have your own physician for primary care needs. Patients working with Dr. Fegley need to be a current client of Minds in Motion with the philosophy of utilizing a team approach…you, your therapist, and/or nurse practitioner and a medical consult.

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