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Holistic Fertility

With training in both conventional and holistic care, along with a central understanding that the body is capable of healing itself, naturopathic doctors are best suited to help you understand and optimize your fertility.

Dr. Grace Charles, ND, works with patients who are determined to take control of their fertility and grow their families.

Dr. Charles often works with women who, after about six months of trying to conceive, start to wonder if something is “off.” Maybe they have concerns about past lifestyle behaviors that might have impacted their fertility, or their intuition is telling them to act now, or they are over the age of 35, or maybe they are just unwilling to wait another six months for a workup. These are all great reasons to schedule a consult.

Primary Areas of Focus

  • Female fertility
  • Irregular menstruation & anovulation
  • Poor egg quality and/or quantity
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Recurrent implantation failure
  • Male fertility
  • Conjunctive Care for IUI/IVF

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